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  • Advisory Services on the Swiss Insurance System

    The three-pillar concept in Switzerland:

    1. Pillar:  OASI*:  Old-Age, Survivors' Insurance
    2. Pillar: BVG:  Occupational Pension Scheme
    3. Pillar:  Voluntary Pension Provisions (e.g. private pension schemes, savings, private insurance)

    Which insurance do I need for myself and my employees?

    Which insurance is required by law? 

    Are there exemptions in social insurance schemes?

    How and when are part-time and temporary employees compensated and what fringe benefits are they entitled to? 

    What formalities must be performed when an employee starts work, resigns or divorces? 

    As independent consultants we can show you which social insurance plans are necessary for your business and for you personally. Contact us.


    Social insurance contributions and benefits



    * In German: Alters- und Hinterlassenenversicherung (AHV)

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