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  • Annual Social Insurance Declaration

    Regardless of whether you prefer to do your own payroll accounting during the year or not: When compiling your annual statements for personnel insurance you can still profit from our many years' of experience and can count on our support.


    We can prepare the following for you:

    • Annual salary statement for the OASI/DI/FA
    • Statement on salary-based occupational and nonoccupational accident insurance, taking into account all special cases (retirees, EO*  beneficiaries, temporary personnel, etc.)
    • Declaration of earnings for per diem sickness indemnity insurance
    • Report to the Occupational Pension Fund Office for employees with mandatory and extra-mandatory insurance policies, taking into account possible premium exemption

    Contact us. We will be happy to send you a nonbinding offer.




    * Income Compensation Scheme, in German:  Erwerbsersatzordnung (EO)